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Halwa Shortfilm
Halwa Shortfilm

Halwa Shortfilm

‘Halwa’ not your basic bonding delicacy but in this journey of our protagonist ‘Pragya’ (12), how while on what seems like a basic school day she comes across a very peculiar person ‘Sakuntala’ pushing (77) who reminds her of her recently deceased grandmother. Soon to become best friends their combination is rather extraordinary and it’s their current requirements in life that brings them together. The joyful feeling of this new bond is mutual although it exposes ‘Pragya’ to one of the most devastating and bitter realities of life.

Genre: Action , Drama

Actor: Priyanka Sood , Pratik Pant



Country: Hindi

Release: 2020-01-15

Duration: 19min 28se

Quality: HD

Rating: 0